What is Efecto Colmena?

Efecto Colmena is a nonprofit organization devoted to preserving bees in Mexico. We intend to decrease the rate of destruction of hives, replacing a culture of extermination with one of relocation and protection. We create collective consciousness about the current reality of bees and how relevant they are to the whole ecosystem and our very own food security by sensibilization and education of general population and emergency services officials.

We are a multidisciplinary team, committed to different projects all related to the environment. We apply integral programs which tend to several problems with creative, innovative solutions. What binds us together is the need to solve a growing problem. Our purpose is the greater good, not just the preservation of one species; there’s no saying what kind of uncertainty we will face in the future if we do not jump into action now.

Working together for the environment and a better bee-human relationship.

What we do?


We prevent the destruction of bee hives around Mexico City.


We take them to a safe haven so that they thrive there.


We spread the word through conferences and seminars.

How can you help us?


Different organizations support our efforts to continue our work.


With your help, we can keep on fighting for the bees. Join us!


We sell honey and other products to fund our operations.

More of 2019 Projects

Bee heaven

A place bees -and we- dream of.

The Bee Haven will be a place specially designed for the rescued bees, where they can rehabilitate and continue their productive life without being bothered, and therefore thriving. In time, this scheme will be replicated in several locations all around Mexico.

This space will also become an Educational Center, suitable for tours, seminars and talks targeted at different sectors of society: schools, businesses and bee enthusiasts. Forming a new generation of well informed, bee friendly individuals is a must for us.

We intend to be a worldwide reference in beekeeping.

@beja digital

Want to sponsor us?

It is an ambitious idea: an APP which encompasses everything about bees: relevant, trustworthy data, games, trivia, a gateway for reporting hives at risk, contacting beekeepers, selling our products and promoting events.

This APP will also be a space to discuss current regulations on bees, our advances in every front we’re fighting and generating a Beekeeper and Bee Product Sellers Network in our country.


Together, we can make it happen.

Some of our Allies

Our history

  1. Our Origin

    One of our founders, Jerónimo Fernández, discovers a hive near his house. After reaching out to the Fire Department, he learns that the usual solution to the issue is to destroy it, which makes him look for an alternative. He finds it in master León Virchez, an experienced beekeeper who thought us all we know about relocating a hive. In this first encounter, Jerónimo and Moy knew how strongly they felt about the cause, and create their first apiary in Mexico City.
  2. Early days

    Since the introduction of hybrid African-European bees in the 80’s and the incidents caused by them, authorities have made it so that hives are destroyed upon sight. This idea, though, is obsolete: nowadays we know bees are essential to our environment, and the modern hybrid bees are not nearly as fierce as their predecessors were. After two years of experience in our ouw apiary and several rescues, we decide things need to change.
  3. Why should we rescue them?

    Efecto Colmena is founded: a nonprofit organization comprised of people who value the role bees play in our world’s balance and our very existence. Our efforts to work along with the government offices and our seminars commenced this year. The main goal of our enterprise is to generate a culture of protection and relocation, nullifying the detrimental effects of bee colonies’ destruction.
  4. Nonstop Rescues

    This year, rescuing hives and taking them to our first sanctuary becomes our signature action in supporting the bees. We saved over 60,000 individuals. To maintain these operations, we resort to private contributions, graciously offered by other enthusiasts who are willing to join our fight to change society.

    At the same time, we focus on strengthening our impact in media through interviews in radio, television, press and digital media.

  5. How can you help?

    We presented a first draft of our law initiative to the Mexican Senate. It puts on the table including bees in the list of protected species, making its protection a priority for the government. We also tightened our relationship with SAGARPA (Mexican agency in charge of Agricultural and other similar affairs) and Protección Civil (in charge of prevention and protection of the people during disasters or hazards), allowing us to increase the scope of our operations: now we are allowed to rescue bees in parks and gardens, and other public facilities.
  6. It’s not over yet

    In spite of our efforts, lack of support and resources forces us to limit our actions. We drop the number of rescues and relocations, performing only those with both the greater urgency and the highest chance of success. But we’re not giving up: thanks to the support of people like you, we keep moving forward, expanding our tactics and improving.

    We launch a new website, which in term allows us to reach even more people and keep pushing towards a more aware society.

  7. Much is yet to come!

    This year, we are determined to increase once more our ability to respond to reports of hives at risk, thanks to our Beekeeper Network: a group of experienced, reliable experts working together to save as many bees as possible. In addition to that, we have created new seminars and talks aimed to boost the development of Urban Apiculture, all with the purpose of turning Mexico City into the first bee-friendly city in all of Latin America.


Legal situation

Current Status:
  • Bee population is decreasing all over the world, and in Mexico we are not helping, but damaging them even more.
  • Usually, each time a bee hive is discovered, government agencies deal with it by destroying it, killing thousands of bees.
  • Creating a policy of protecting the lives of bees, in order to change our culture and turn fear into awareness and knowledge.

Legal Process:

  1. Include the Bees in the list of Protected Species.
  2. Challenge the authorities, via a legal exemption, next time there’s a killing of bees.
  3. Redact a law initiative to promote the protection of hives.
  4. Along with the government, generate proper regulations which establish an adequate protocol to rescue and relocate bees.

Please, sign here our petition in Change.org and help us change things in Mexico. Our goal is to change law, so that bees are considered a Protected Species, preventing further destruction of hives.

If this were to happen, the law would be revised and modified, turning relocation into the main course of action in the case of a hive being discovered, instead of burning it and eradicating all its inhabitants.

Help us reach more people and let’s change things now!

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