Save the bees, save us all

Besides our willpower, defending the bees requires a lot of resources: we need a place to keep the rescued hives safe, equipment to relocate them, vehicles and infrastructure. Because of that, we cannot do this alone. We need you.
If you care for our world, give us a hand and allow us to do our thing so that we can continue enjoying the perks of a world full of bees.

Adopt a bee!

One time donation

Cheer someone’s day and adopt a bee! We’ll send you a digital adoption certificate, and you earn an honorable mention in our social networks.

Your bee will share its good fortune with all of her sisters, so the whole swarm will be forever thankful to you. And they will be able to keep their jobs, providing us with fruit, cotton, livestock, flowers and, of course, honey. Not a bad deal, is it?

What are you waiting for? Name your bee and donate!

You can choose one of our standard options below, or you can customize the amount you wish to help us with each month. If you keep supporting us for a year, you get a jar of honey.

bee queen bee hive your choice

Please select your option and don’t forget to check this box to activate monthly donation. 

Team Effort

If you’re not alone in your wish to help, why not make it a Team Effort? Put your friends together, or maybe your family, your neighbors or your colleagues, and adopt a whole hive as a group. We’ll send you a digital Adoption Certificate, an honorable mention in our social networks, and, on top of that, your name and the names of all the team members engraved in a commemorative plaque next to the hive you adopted.

We’ll also provide regular updates and pictures so that you know how well your bees are doing, and you’ll be able to visit them in their home. And don’t forget a jar or even a bucket of honey, if you support us for a whole year.

Adopt a Hive!


Do you own a socially responsible business?

We have something for you. You can partner with us, and not only you’ll be helping the environment and getting tax deductions; your brand will be a part of our promotional campaign! It will appear in our bee farm, we’ll mention it constantly in different media and our social networks, and you’ll get space in our website so that all of our supporters and friends get to know you!

If you would like to know more, contact us by filling the form below, or write us to with all of your questions.

Fund a Rescue

You want to support us, but are not able to commit for a long time? Don’t worry. You can make one-time-only donations. Or, if you want to, you can Fund a Rescue.

It is pretty simple: you can sponsor the rescue operation of one hive, and so you won’t just be making bees happy, but also someone in our waiting list. A lot of people –and bees– are in need of help, so make up your mind and become the hero of our next story of a successful rescue.

Join the Buzz!

There are plenty more ways you can act, even in your own community. If you care to take a more active role in saving the bees and us all, you can share news and posts in your social networks. Spread the word among your friends, family and everyone you know about how important bees are: without them we cannot thrive, or even survive.

You can also plant flowers and plants which help bees have something to feed on, and, specially, never act against them just because of fear: they are not our enemies. Let’s change people’s mind so we can all #bee-friendly

Are you an artist, illustrator or do you make any kind of product, craftsmanship or artistic work? You can also help us in your very own way, just like Carlos García-Noriega.

Más formas de donar

    Thank you so much!

    We greatly appreciate your help. And we promise: it won’t go to waste. We all, as a global society, must commit to taking actions not only to prevent the decay of our home, the Earth, but also to improve it for the future generations who will live on it after us.

    Efecto Colmena will use all the resources you kindly provide for us to sustain its current apiaries, but also to expand our operations, so we can rescue more bees and change the tide in every way we can find. So be proud: you have taken the first step into making a better world.